Roberts Technology Associates helps start-ups and established businesses become more efficient and productive with customized solutions that enhance communications between employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. You can turn to us for expertise that spans:


Office Environments
• High-speed networks that deliver rapid access from desktops to server files so workers can collaborate more easily, CRM teams can resolve customer questions faster, and supply chain efficiencies can be maximized.
• Design and implementation of custom applications to meet client specifications. Our development staff can also link custom data base applications, e-commerce, and many other programs including business accounting, e-mail, word processing and Internet applications.
• Traditional networks or new thin-client networks that eliminate costly upgrades and provide protection against the expenses related to viruses infecting numerous desktop computers.
• Customized hardware using the finest components to provide outstanding performance and minimal problems.
• Professionally installing cabling for Integrated Network Systems, CCTV, Audio and Video. We expertly provide cabling and wiring needs in both existing and new construction.

Field Connectivity
• Wireless/cellular communications connectivity so that salespeople and others out in the field can access office servers and download or upload applications, reports,

Professional Environments
• Audio systems for operating rooms
• Audio/video systems with flat panel Plasma TVs for conference rooms, training centers and other areas
• Bluetooth connectivity to reduce wiring

We are a single-source for networking, cabling, wiring, development, hardware and software. Our focus is on reducing overall I.T. costs, while increasing efficiencies. And our professionalism has taught us the importance of working well with contractors and subcontractors to ensure that projects are on budget and on schedule.


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